Did Someone Say Chocolate? Dance marathon can help

Penn Dance Marathon has come up with yet another way to raise money for Riley Children’s Hospital. They’ve partnered with South Bend Chocolate cafe to sell Easter chocolates. Items range from $5 to $12 and 50% of proceeds go to Riley Children’s Hospital. If you’re interested in buying chocolate then find someone in Dance Marathon to buy from!

Items are as listed:

Solid chocolate bunny $5 (Available in Milk Choc., Dark Choc., White Choc., and Sugar-Free Choc.)

Fudge egg $5 (Available in Chocolate, Chocolate/ Peanut Butter and caramel)

Turtles $5 (4 pieces, Reg or Sea Salt)

Cherry Cordials $8 (4 pieces of Michigan Cordial cherries covered with truffle and hand-dipped in milk choc.)

Dark Chocolate Cherries $9 (8 oz bag of Michigan Cherries covered in dark chocolate)

Chocolate covered pretzels $10 (14 oz bag, available in milk chocolate or easter white chocolate)

Chocolate crunch $12 (1 lb bag of Caramel corn coated with milk and dark chocolate and drizzled w/ milk choc.)

Chocolate covered raisins $12 (1 lb bag)

Doubled dipped peanuts $12 (1 lb bag)

If you’re interested in any of these items be sure to buy some! They make great candy for Easter baskets and are downright delicious. orders will be delivered in the first week of April, check or cash are accepted. But if you don’t know anybody in Dance Marathon then head to Mrs. Ball’s room (251) and have her refer you to a Dance Marathon member.