Niles Scream Park Has Opened

As we approach the Halloween season, the award-winning Niles Scream Park opened up last week on Friday, September 10th. Unlike other haunted attractions, the scream park offers 44 acres of “blood-curdling fear.”

The Niles Scream Park is a non-profit project that donates to multiple local charities. Since 1996, the organization has donated over $2.1 million.

Some of the more well-known attractions include the haunted house, the Field of Screams, and the escape rooms. The haunted house has been at the scream park since the beginning and is considered the most popular. Upon entering the haunted house, you are faced with “your worst nightmares” and 100 paths to choose from throughout the house.

PNN will continue to cover the stories behind this attraction this spooky season. If you’re interested in visiting the park, you can buy tickets at and read more about what Niles Scream Park has to offer.

Rylan Gibson | PNN Every year, six of the major attractions are rebuilt to provide a fresh and unique experience. Image courtesy of Niles Scream Park.