Exchange Students at Penn 2016-2017

Students from all over the World are attending Penn High School this year for a senior experience of a lifetime.

Niklas, Lucien, Anna, Heine, Riyo, Emilie, Natasha, and Taimi are high school students ranging from different countries with different backgrounds. These countries include Germany, Norway, Denmark, Argentina, and Japan.

They are all receiving the senior experience here at Penn, even though many of them would be considered “juniors” in their schools back home. They will all be spending the 2016-2017 school year with us, learning and living American culture; both at school and in the community.

Sent by many different organizations, the students are assigned to host families and are practically members of these new households. They are encouraged to speak English as much as possible and adopt American culture whenever the opportunity arises.

group photo session

Group photo session

These exchanges between countries allow for new perspectives to be attained, and for new bridges to form.  While we live in an ever-changing and ever-shrinking world, students are able to close the gap by breaking through cultural divisions and as a result, gain a larger understanding of our world.

We at PNN want our fellow students to welcome and to get to know the exchange students. For this sake, we interviewed a few of them to get more information about who they are and the culture they bring to our school.