Penn drug sweep produces little noise

Last month, Penn high school conducted a drug search of Penn, Associate Principle Duke Lines led this sweep with the help of the St. Joe County Police, and Indiana St. Police.


A drug search is when police officers come into a school with their K9 dogs, take them around the school, and search for illegal substances.

Associate Principle Duke Lines said, ” We searched 34 classrooms, and approximately 350 vehicles that day.”

The students that classrooms get searched, exit the class while the dogs enter the classroom and at that time if the dogs reacts to anything it is called a hit. The next step is they find out whose bag or vehicle it is and is called down for further evaluation. If they find any illegal substance it is called a find. Mr. Lines also stated that, “they had 4 classroom hits, and 6 vehicle hits, but only 1 find.”

Lines said, “We don’t go into this believing there will be a lot of finds.” He and many others believe that Penn is a safe environment. Junior Cam Church said, “I feel very safe here.”