Penn English teacher becomes a published author

A Penn High School English teacher recently wrote and published a children’s book entitled Sea of Echoes

Among the sea of teachers and students that fill Penn’s halls is an 11th grade English teacher, and now published author, Mr. Jeff Reed. He has been involved with public schools for over 30 years.

Illustrated by Ruthie Briggs-Greenberg, the book was officially published on November 2nd this year. Sea of Echoes is a children’s story that follows Finn, the fin-backed whale. When Finn’s mother is taken from him by a “floating island with two-legged creatures,” he meets other orphaned whale calves. The story displays the benefits of working together and shows that teamwork is “best for everyone.”

Sea of Echoes pulls you into the depths of the vast, wondrous ocean. With gorgeous illustrations and magnificent storytelling, Reed and Greenberg created a masterpiece. According to the Barnes & Noble website, Sea of Echoes is best suited for children of ages 8-12. As a result, many of the comments on Amazon’s website promote the book’s attempt to expand the vocabulary of the young readers.

The book is available for purchase at Barnes and Noble and at the Barnes and Noble website. It can also be found at Amazon.

On Sunday, December 6th, from 1:00 to 3:00 PM, the University Park Mall’s Barnes & Noble store will be hosting a book fair for Mr. Reed and Sea of Echoes. Mr. Reed will be present and available to discuss his book and to sign purchased copies. The illustrator, Ruthie Briggs-Greeberg, will also be present this Sunday. Head on over to get a copy of the book and support Mr. Reed, a talented member of our Penn High School staff.