A Brief Synopsis of Art at Penn

Kurt Vonnegut once said “To practice any art, no matter how well or how badly, is a way to make your soul grow, for heaven’s sake. So do it.” The act of expressing oneself through art has been around for almost 30,000 years, from cave paintings to graphic design and artificial intelligence. Where great empires have fallen, art has survived, and for one reason. 

Art is essential to human life, an extension of all human creativity and spirit. Many Penn art students make it clear that art is vital, including ceramics student Cole Klinedinst, member of the class of 2023.

“Art means and opportunity to express myself at school and create things that I wouldn’t other wise have the opportunity to.” – Cole Klinedinst

Here at Penn, the arts are alive and thriving with a large variety of art classes, including drawing, ceramics, sculpture, and more. With so many classes to choose from, many students find their passion and run with it. The support of experienced and talented teachers help inspire and shape the next generation of artists every day. Drawing students Rayah Coomes and Tori Holt described how their experiences with the great art staff at Penn has changed their experiences as artists. 

From a teacher’s perspective, more or less is the same. Mrs. Hope, who teaches painting and 2D and 3D art, offers her explanation of just how incredible the relationship is between not only the teacher and student, but also with other staff. 

“I’m challenged every day by the amazing teachers I work with, They do incredible things with their students and I’m lucky to work with the finest students in the country,” – Mrs. Hope

Not only is art important for creativity and expression, the community many art students here at Penn experience is just as meaningful.

Mrs. Hope also gave her perspective on the community of art students in the program.

While arts are so important for community and opportunities. arts are subject to budget cuts when school’s cut funding. It always seems like the arts are the first to go, as schools continue to place higher values on test scores and core classes than self expression. While on paper test scores may seem more important than art classes, Mrs Hope explains how art funding is just as vital. 

“The arts effect us everyday. What we wear, what we hold, what we drive in…, we can’t forget that art is important.” -Mrs. Hope

The Penn art program is a safe space for students and teachers to express themselves, increase their skills, find community, and be prepared for the future by the wonderful experiences they share. 

This has been Wyatt Lambert and Patrick Anderson with PNN.