The experience at Hillary’s speech

The experience at Hillary Clinton’s speech was interesting to say the least for a high school student. The security measures were understandable, but at the same time crazy for a high school student.

Before you walked in the plant you had to check in with the Security at the plant and then the Secret Service inspected everyone’s bags before we could go anywhere. Then you had to walk through an X-Ray machine where the Secret Service inspected your phones, wallets, keys, and etc.

When you got past security there were probably over 30 forms of Security for Secretary Clinton. There also were media outlets local, national, and international. The Mayor of South Bend Pete Buttigieg and Senator Joe Donnelly were in attendance for her speech. The employees later filled up the seats about 40 minutes before Mrs. Clinton showed up.

Throughout the speech it was silent with claps coming every now and then. The crowd came to a standing ovation when Mrs. Clinton finished her speech which she proceed to shake hands and take pictures with people.