The greenhouse you may have seen walking through the second floor is under new care, and you could be one of those caretakers.

Mrs. Soard and Mrs. Morris are the leaders of the club, as they decided the plants in the greenhouse had been neglected for too long. Now every Thursday, any student can show up and help them with a range of plant care tasks, such as planting, fertilizing, watering seeds, repotting plants, trimming them, growing new plants from others, and picking vegetables from the plants they’ve grown themselves.

This project aims to give students a comforting place where they can escape from the stressful environment that school, can often be. A secondary goal is to provide some food to students who don’t always have access to lunches through the vegetables being grown. The primary goal of the club though, is to just have fun and learn about plants.

Any student is welcome to show up, no matter your level of plant knowledge, grade, or even how committed you want to be. if you want to show up once just to drop a plant off for them to take care of, that would be great, it’ll be in the good hands of the students with green thumbs who have a passion for them.

There are many different types of plants there, ranging from peppers and spinach, snow peas, and potatoes, to palm trees and imported plants from Hawaii. There are even many garden flowers that are growing, so nothing is off the table if you want to care for a specific type. There are even plans to get aquatic plants soon, which would broaden the number to even higher degrees.