Kingsmen Against Cancer is a new club at here at Penn founded by the club’s president, Anna Carpenter, after she went through her own battle with cancer. Kingsmen Against Cancer is dedicated to helping out kids and their families with cancer in our area by gathering monetary and gift donations to share with the kids and their families. The club will also make cards and tie blankets to give to kids in the area going through cancer.


If you would like to join Kingsmen Against Cancer, the first meeting is at 7:45am in Mrs.Lutkus’s room, room 108, on September 17. This meeting will just be an informational meeting. Anyone is welcome to join, as long as it doesn’t interfere with school work. If you are unable to make the informational meeting you can email Kingsmen Against Cancer at to get all the information that they discussed at the meeting.


Kingsmen Against Cancer is not to be confused with Dream Commission Society. Though both clubs help to support children with cancer, Dream Commission Society states in a handout that their clients are “Any young adult referred from local organizations such as Logan Center, Ronald McDonald House or Make-A-Wish Foundation that may have special needs or chronic/terminal illnesses.”

By: Cam Carpenter and Kate Schultz

By Kevin McNulty

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