Freshman Mentoring is Calling for New Members

Interested in becoming a Freshman Mentor? Here’s how to get connected…

Are you in grades 9th, 10th, or 11th and looking for a good way to get connected within Penn High School? Becoming a Freshman Mentor may just be for you!

Starting tomorrow, March 3rd, applications can be found in the Counseling Center and/or any Freshman study hall classes. Any current members can find their “Freshman Mentor Exclusive Board” applications for next year in the Counseling Center.

In order to be qualified for the position you should have the following:

– a kind and caring individual

– respectable and/or average grades

– good attendance

– acceptable discipline records

– a teacher’s reccomendation on social skills


Make sure you turn in your applications as soon as possible, they are due on March 17th. Anyone who turns it in late will be denied.