As many sophomores and juniors have probably noticed, ACP signups are now in session. Students who requested ACP classes have received an email from the email. This email includes instruction on how to register for their official IU account and how to sign up for their classes.  This must be done by the end of the school year! The email should look something like this;

ACP picture

It gives you a link to the account creator followed by a 10 digit student code for you to enter. There is a provided link for more detailed step by step instructions following the code. At the first link, it will give you a username that is a variation of your name and ask you to set a pass phrase. This is different from a password. Your pass phrase must be a minimum of 4 to six WORDS long. So there must be 4 to 6 spaces included in the pass phase as well as at least one capital letter and it is recommended there be a number or some sort of punctuation. It will advise you not to use a well known saying or phrase and to make up something that is unique to you. After completing your new email account it asks that you wait ten minutes as they work to activate your account.

Following that, you must register for your IU courses. You should only be signing up for your FIRST SEMESTER classes. Second semester classes will have a separate registration in the winter. You will be required to use the username and pass phrase that you set up in the previous step to log in. There are step by step instructions provided under this link. You will notice when you pull up the available classes page that the course names differ from the names on your Penn Schedule. When you scheduled, your counselor should have given you the course numbers for the classes you signed up for. If they didn’t, or if you have misplaced the numbers, you can go and request them again from your counselor or look them up in the schools class directory. You must make sure the classes you sign up for online match the codes for the classes you signed up for.

When you are done finding your classes, proceed to your ‘fall 2015 shopping car’ on the right of your screen. You must confirm your enrollment in these classes by clicking the ‘enroll’ button. There will be a page of important information that follows. By selecting confirm, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of the ACP course administration. Once you click confirm, you can return to your homepage to view your schedule.

Congratulations, you are now signed up for your ACP courses for next year!


By Kevin McNulty

Kevin McNulty teaches English and Mass Media Studies at Penn High School. He advises the Penn News Network and manages the PNN Studio and news room. For more information, navigate your browser to