After a long day on Monday, we jazz students were more than ready to leave for our biggest festival of the year: the Swing Central Jazz Festival in Savannah, GA. Following our last after-school rehearsal before the festival, each student returned home Monday before meeting back at Penn at 10:30 PM to leave promptly at 11 PM for Georgia.

Advanced Jazz Students ready to leave for their trip to Savannah, GA


After driving through the night, we stopped at a Cracker Barrel for breakfast at 8:30 AM.

Breakfast stop at Cracker Barrel


We drove for another four hours, stopping for lunch in Tennessee. We were able to choose between Chick Fil A, Moe’s Southwest Grill, and a few other restaurants in the area.

After lunch, we had the last long stretch of driving left before we reached Savannah at 4:00 PM Tuesday afternoon. We checked into hotel rooms and had a couple hours to relax in our rooms before going downtown Savannah for dinner on the town.

Students relax in their hotel rooms after a long day of travel

Following the check-in, students were able to choose from a plethora of restaurants and activities in downtown Savannah. After the night’s adventures, some students vouched to relax in their rooms, while others opted to try out the hotel pool and hot tub.

After one final meeting, Mr. Leather sent everyone to their rooms with instructions for the next day and a lights-out time of 11:00 PM. Tomorrow, I’ll be writing about our clinics and concerts throughout the day.

Thanks for reading, and check back in tomorrow for another update!

Friday at 10:50 AM you can stream our performance LIVE at http://wsav.con/category/2016-savannah-music-festival/ 

By Kevin McNulty

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