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In a recent interview with Tom Fenoglio, co-founder of FĒNOM  Comics, the story behind the inception and growth of this exciting venture unfolded. From their beginnings as aspiring storytellers to their current status as creators of graphic novels poised to make a mark in the entertainment industry, Fenoglio shared insights into the company’s origins, challenges, operations, and future aspirations.

Fenoglio, along with his brother Joe, the other half of the creative duo behind FĒNOM Comics, reflected on their lifelong passion for storytelling. “My brother and I really always told stories,” Fenoglio recalled. “We just like stories. We love watching movies, we love comic books, so it was always in the back of our brains to tell stories or put something on paper.”

Ethan Walker | PNN Joe Fenoglio (left) and Tom Fenoglio (right)

Their journey to FĒNOM  Comics began in their twenties when they started writing screenplays. However, they encountered challenges in bringing their ideas to fruition due to limitations in the film industry. “It was really hard to control our properties, our ideas,” Fenoglio explained. This led them to explore other mediums, eventually settling on graphic novels as the perfect platform to translate their stories from screenplays to paper.

Ethan Walker | PNN

One of the key inspirations for FĒNOM  Comics came from their love for iconic franchises like Star Wars, which seamlessly transitioned from movies to captivating comic books. “Star Wars, really from the movie side and from the comic book side, is really what influenced us,” Fenoglio revealed. The artistry and storytelling prowess displayed in these comics fueled their ambition to create their own engaging narratives.

However, launching a comic book company came with its own set of challenges, particularly in terms of funding and assembling a talented team of artists and writers. Fenoglio emphasized the importance of patience and financial stability in bringing their vision to life. “We had careers. We did what had to be done to really be able to go and get those artists,” he explained.

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FĒNOM  Comics has also ventured into crowdfunding to support their projects. While crowdfunding provides a platform to reach a broader audience, Fenoglio emphasized the importance of ensuring that the final product meets high standards. “No one cares how fast you get the product out. It’s judged by that final product,” he advised aspiring creators.

Their dedication to quality storytelling is evident in the meticulous process of translating their ideas into graphic novels. “We became better storytellers through the graphic novel process,” he noted. Fenoglio highlighted the collaborative effort involved in working with seasoned professionals to refine their stories for the comic book medium. Discussing the talented artists and writers at FĒNOM Comics, Fenoglio highlighted their significant contributions. He mentioned artists such as Chuck Dixon, Tony Bedard, Scott McDaniel, Ivan Noona, and many more. Fenoglio underlined their expertise, saying, “These guys have been just that. They’re seasoned professionals.” He also mentioned their collaborative efforts, noting, “They really assisted us. But all of our stories are ours except for the last one where we’re we’re working with Mel Ruby, and Mel is an artist that really is phenomenal.”

The journey from the initial concept to the final print at FĒNOM Comics involves meticulous planning and collaboration. As Fenoglio explained, “It takes a lot of work. It does take a lot of money to do it right.” He emphasized the importance of patience and thoroughness, stating, “We’ve learned to be better writers because you have to be more concise, you have to be to the point.”

Ethan Walker | PNN Scott McDaniel on Star Riders

Reflecting on their engineering backgrounds, Fenoglio expressed gratitude for the skills acquired through their education, which have proven invaluable in the creation of complex narratives like Star Riders. “Star Riders is very thorough in its creation. It’s very… sound mathematically,” he remarked.

Looking ahead, FĒNOM  Comics is eager to release their latest graphic novel, Star Riders, in the coming months. Described as a thought-provoking exploration of identity and existence, Star Riders promises to captivate readers with its compelling storyline and rich thematic depth.

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Hunter Ninja Bear volumes 2 and 3, eagerly anticipated by fans, represent a darker and more violent turn in the series. Fenoglio expressed excitement, stating, “We’ve got a volume 2 and 3 already written, and we’ve passed them off to Chuck.” He highlighted the continuity in the creative team, mentioning, “We’re bringing the same artists, same everybody back, and volume 2, volume 3 is just darker. It’s more violent.” 

Regarding the VFX tests for Hunter Ninja Bear, Fenoglio hinted at promising developments, affirming, “We’ve had them. It’s pretty exciting.” While unable to disclose details, he hinted at ongoing negotiations with agencies and studios.

In offering guidance to aspiring creators, Fenoglio emphasized the value of learning from past experiences, particularly their venture out west. Drawing from his own journey, he candidly shared, “We went out there young and dumb, and we came back learning about a valuable lesson.” Reflecting on the lessons learned, he urged others to proceed with caution, stating, “If that’s something I can give, then that’s great. You need to protect your ideas.” Fenoglio continued by saying “There are people out there that cannot create that don’t want to create. They just wanna take something and pawn it off as something that they’ve done.” Fenoglio emphasized the importance of taking the time to develop one’s craft, cautioning, “Don’t feel like you’re under the gun…Just take your time.” 

As Fenoglio concluded the interview, he expressed his excitement for the future of FĒNOM Comics and their commitment to delivering high-quality storytelling to audiences worldwide. Fenoglio is enthusiastic about Star Riders stating, “When it’s ready to roll out, know that Joe and I and all the artists and writers involved have put everything that we’ve got into the book,” he affirmed, leaving readers eagerly anticipating the next chapter in the FĒNOM Comics saga.

Ethan Walker | PNN