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For our first edition, we’ll be talking about the Mystery at the Mansion. At this annual event, guests are taken on a tour of the historic Oliver Mansion while attempting to solve a mystery!

This year’s theme is “Marauder in Masquerade.” The story takes place in 1928, and Catherine Oliver, the mistress of the house at that time, is hosting a costume party. All the guests are dressed up as iconic 1920’s characters such as the Phantom of the Opera, Knute Rockne, and the Keystone Cops, and everyone is talking about the recent robbery. What the guests don’t know is that the culprit is in attendance!

Help the guests figure out the mystery as you enjoy a detailed guided tour of the Oliver Mansion. (The robbery is not re-enacted, you are told about the events by the actors and must use their clues to solve the mystery.)

Image courtesy of the South Bend History Museum.
Image courtesy of the South Bend History Museum.

The event is put on by the South Bend History Museum, and will occur on Friday, October 23 and Friday, October 30 at the Oliver Mansion. On both nights, tours will run from 5:15 to 9:00. The cost is $15 for adults, $13 for seniors, $11 for History Museum members, and $9 for youth (ages 6-17). To make a reservation, please contact Christina Schmidt at (574) 235-9664, ext. 233.  Be sure to get your tickets fast, because they sell out quickly!

For more information on Mystery at the Mansion, please visit the History Museum’s official website.

By Kevin McNulty

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