On December 14th, at Munster High School, Penn Congress debaters competed at Districts level in hopes of advancing to Nationals. Representative Carrier surprises everyone once again by advancing to the Super round, a round where the best debaters from the first round break away into the last round, despite the fact that this was her first time debating Varsity Congress. Along with Representative Carrier, Representative Dunn also broke into Super.

Kevin McNulty | PNN Team captain Olivia and Varsity Congress debater Kriya Patel

During the Super round, Representative Carrier and Dunn debated whether or not to pass the following bills: A bill to tax red meats, and A bill to fund non-government organizations to help efforts to stop the burning of the Amazon Rainforest. The round finished earlier than the debaters could finish the last bill, A bill to abolish solitary confinement, only being able to give two speeches on the matter.

Unfortunately, neither debaters were able to qualify for nationals. During the Super round, Representative Carrier was often dismissed by the PO, and was not given the oppurtunity to speak until the very end. PO stands for Presiding Officer, and they are the ones that manage the whole debate. They choose who speaks when, in charge of stopping debaters from speaking over the time limit, and oversees the debate. The PO for the Super round was Representative Fish, who gave two speeches, one for each topic.

Kevin McNulty | PNN The Congress Debate team for nationals to represent North-Western Indiana

The debaters heading for Congress Debate at nationals are Jewison, Wolak, Auguston, and Chakilignom.

Kevin McNulty | PNN Julia Carrier giving her speech.

By Kevin McNulty

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