Attention for all book lovers and people who, for some reason, were left without a date on Valentine’s Day! This is your unique chance to share some love with others and do a good deed. After all, as you know, when we share love and positive emotions, they always come back to us.

Many of you are probably wondering what kind of holiday this is that no one has ever heard of. Well.. This holiday is really quite new and, as a result, less recognizable. but in no way does that make it any less important.

International Book Giving Day was first inventedĀ  in 2012 with the support of Amy Broadmore, founder of Delightful Children’s Book and The Curiou’s Kids Librarian. Fellow blogger Zoe Toft, founder of Playing by the book and the author of children’s books Emma Perry also contributed to the creation of this holiday.Since then, every year on February 14, people in 44 countries have been celebrating International Book Giving Day.

What is the meaning of this holiday and what can you do specifically? Yes, yes, it’s you.

The goal of the event is to share books with as many children as possible. This will help popularize reading among young people, help those who do not have an opportunity to buy books to get them and plunge into an incredible world of literature and imagination. Just recall the times when you were a child and someone in your family read you bedtime stories or when you first got a book you’ve been wanting for a long time. Didn’t you feel happy? Now, you have a great opportunity to share a piece of your happiness with others, namely the younger members of our society.

How can you participate?

1) Set up a book exchange program
It is not necessary to part with your books forever if they are very dear to your heart. Surely in your class or among those who sit with you at the same table in the cafeteria there are fellow book lovers. Arrange with your friends or classmates to exchange your favorite works from the bookshelves and thus become a part of the World Book Giving Day.

2) Leave the book at the reception.
The next time you visit the school, you can pick up a randomly bought book from home at the reception. So the representatives of our school will give them to the local library.

3) Donate your books to your local public library.
If you have books in good condition that gave you good memories, but now become unnecessary, remember – you can replenish the catalog of the local library. This will help those people who do not have access to books to feel the same joy as you did while reading.

Do good and be loved. Happy International Book Giving Day!