Lost and Found

There is one place in the IMC that does not really conform to the image of a library. In this corner there are no books for students to borrow. Instead, the shelves are stuffed with sweaters, water bottles, and gym bags. If you take a closer look… Welcome to Penn’s Lost and Found.

According to Ms. Armstrong, the teacher responsible for Penn’s Lost and Found,

The Lost and Found has collected many items that have been left around around the building for the past 5 months.

Besides the items mentioned above, students can find swimsuits, glasses, jewelry, and lunch boxes. Usually, one or two new items come in every day; after games or a plays it can be up to a bag full.

You can access the Lost and Found anytime during school hours and the staff will be happy to help you. Everything that has not been reclaimed by students will be donated to Good Will on Tuesday, January 17 to give other people the chance to use them.