The National Honors Society (NHS) held its induction ceremony on November 16th in Penn’s Center for Performing Arts. In order to be inducted, each student was evaluated on their execution of the four pillars of NHS; Scholarship, Character, Service, and Leadership. Additionally, Penn students had to demonstrate their scholarship with a 3.5 GPA or above, along with proving their character, leadership, and service through their roles in the community.  

In all, 160 students were inducted in the NHS ceremony. Because of the pandemic, there was no ceremony for last year’s inductees so a mass ceremony was lined up for the inductees. Here is what Mr. Galiher had to say, “It’s humbling, to know that we have great student leaders in our building who have taken the time to obviously perform around the classroom but also have already served and exhibited the qualities of National Honors Society and are going to be able to continue that role at Penn High School.”

During the candle lighting ceremony, the candles did not want to stand on their own. On more than one occasion, the candles fell out of their stands, one candle ablaze while rolling on the table.  Thankfully no one was hurt and no damage was done.  

Ethan Walker | PNN NHS president Molly Boardley talks about the importance of leadership in the NHS during the candle lighting ceremony.

The National Honors Society hosted a guest speaker for their induction ceremony. Jim Conklin, the President and Co-Founder of Cultivate Food Rescue, talked about the importance of volunteering in life. His central message was that it is never too late to help others. 

Ethan Walker | PNN Jim Conklin speak to the NHS inductees on the importance of helping others


Sophia Ahmed

Sakina Al-Fadhl

Zainab Al-Robaee

Nikita Amin

Vincent Anderson

Hala Ansari

Payton Armour

Amanda Baker

Deena Baki

Parnasi Bandyopadhyay

Rylie Basil

Edward Bell

Laura Berente

Grace Besse

Molly Boardley

Mali Bonnell

Nathan Brazeau

Manaal Buchh

Corrigan Burton

Delana Cates

Audrey Chartier

Ryan Cheng

Kennedy Chester

Marin Chester

Evelyn Clyde

Abigail Crawford

Grace Cummings

Luke Cummins

Tanya Datta

Reagan DeMoss

Livya Ditsch

Ben Doster

Alexander Du

Delaney Duval

Reese Eberlein

Julia Economou

Larissa Evans

Jacob Farney

Salem Fitwi

Collin Felming

Aja Fowler

Isabella Frischknecht

Leta Fulton

James Gauthier

Shelby Gay

Valentina Gianesi

Natasha Gibson

Lilian Gorman

James Greenlee

Michalynn Grenert

Benjamin Gregory

Noah Haas

Ellie Hague

Moosa Haque

Anna Hardesty

Lubabah Hasaan

Payton Heavner

Paige Hensley

Aidan Hertel

Christopher Howell

William Hunter

Jessica Ivie

Brina Jaga

Seth Jankowski

Lawrence Johnson-Espinoza

Hannah Jong

Maria Kallookullangara

Sophia Kallookullangara

Ameera Khan

Abigail Kilian

Yeshua Kim

Eshaal Kizilbash

Cole Klinedinst

Jordan Koszyk

Amrita Kulkarni

Gweyneth Lannon

Alexis LeDonne

David Luan

Reagan Ludwig

Danny Lupa

Brynn Machalleck

Katherine Madlem

Quinn Marien

Abigail Marion

Lilian Marks

Avery McAbee

Carol McCann

Alexandria McCoige

Riley Morris

Evan Nayee

Katherine Neely

Sophia Nestler

James Neubauer

Emily Nochowitz

Stefan Obradovic

Emily Parrot

Jasmin Pecina

Zachary Pelletier

Isabella Personette

Isabela Peterson

Elise Placke

August Pogue

Nathan Pratt

Caitlin Price

Isaak Prince

Nina Pulja

Zenia Qasim

Joanna Rajkumar

Monica Ramirez

Madison Renbarger

Jacob Retek

Colden Roach

Jeremiah Roach

Isabella Rondinelli

Payton Ruth

Tomo Sakaue

Maxwell Sanders

Reilly Schalliol

Anna Schlundt

Abigail Schroeder

Shelly Shen

Derick Shi

Olivia Shult

Emma Sidorowicz

Gurkirat Singh

Aisha Sirajuddin

Azra Sirajuddin

Lily Smith

Kaylee Sommers

Avery Spier

Maggie Stipp

Hunter Streigel

Kennedy Stutzman

Sydney Szklarek

Will Tang

Reagan Tribbett

Lauren Trim

Chloe Troxel

Evan Tuesley

Vishavjeet Turna

Colin VanHoveln

Emily VanLuchene

Chiara Von Eschenbach

Anitej Waghray

Sophia Waddell

Alivia Wasmer

Cleary Welsh

Victoria White

Madeline Wise

Makenzie Witowski

Elaina Wright

Allison Yu

Janet Yu

Saniya Zackariya

Matthew Zhang

Jasmine Zidan

Roseanne Zidan

Congratulations to all the students above for being inducted into NHS. We look forward to seeing what the future holds for these new members.