As Covid-19 cases continue to surge in the local area, some Penn High School student-athletes are starting to go virtual after being in hybrid school learning. Penn High School swimmer, Collin Fleming (class of 2023) has decided to return to the all-virtual learning plan.

The week before leaving the building indefinitely, Colin sat down for an interview with PNN reporter, Ben Burns to discuss the reason so many, athletes are leaving the building and the hybrid model of learning.

Collin believes that student-athletes in winter sports at a Penn were trying out hybrid learning to see how the model would work in order to make a decision before their upcoming season on what they want to do by saying, “just to be more safe, especially for the winter Athletes with their seasons coming up.”

Here at Penn High School, there are strict guidelines keeping not only students safe but there are special rules for athletes as well. On the pool deck according to Collin Fleming, they are required to wear masks at all times to keep everyone safe until they get into the water. There are also new rules when it comes to being inside the pool by restricting the number of people inside the pool and keeping social distancing also inside the water.

He believes not only are his Coaches doing well here at Penn keeping everyone safe but the school has as well. “I feel safe here at Penn,” says Collin. He and his family just believe it is the right decision for them just to stay safer and take the extra precautions. He thinks it’s just about how comfortable you are here at Penn or at home.”