The Penn Chinese classes, February 8th, attended a field trip to a Chinese buffet and Kung Fu Tea, the Chinese classes went on this trip not only to learn the language but also Chinese culture. Many students taking Chinese class are not only interested in the language but in Chinese culture and this field trip is a way for these students to experience that firsthand. As a big part of exploring any culture is food.

Kevin McNulty | PNN

Sometimes, learning is best done outside of the classroom. That is why the Chinese teacher, Ms. Wang, decided to take her students on this field trip. To celebrate the lunar new year as well as just explore the culture. The trip happened during third period and students returned before the start of their fourth period.

Chinese students are offered another field trip towards the end of the school year. Going to China Town in Chicago, offering even more of a cultural experience. There, students can explore shops where they can look around and buy all sorts of cultural curiosities. They will also be eating at a nearby Chinese restaurant and they will end off with some bubble tea.

Kevin McNulty | PNN

Field trips offer students an important part of their education. Providing hands-on experiences cultural engagement and valuable time outside of the classroom.

By Kevin McNulty

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