On Saturday December 4, 2021, the Penn Lady Kingsmen went head-to-head against Crownpoint in the Penn Arena. During the first quarter the Lady Kingsmen started out with three points led by Jada Patterson. Pushing their momentum, they kept their defense strong against CrownPoint’s offense until the third quarter. The halftime score ended 22-23 with the Kingsmen being a point behind.

The Lady Kingsmen had a tough time keeping up with Crownpoint’s defense during the second half. They pushed hard to put some points on the board “I know that we were pushed hard during this game, but we will keep up our strengths and work hard to take a win in our future games”, senior Jada Patterson said.

The final score of the game was 26-53 with Crownpoint taking a win in the final quarter. The Lady Kingsmen may have lost this game but it won’t slow them down.”I think that we are not going to be dragged down by this game, our team has work to do but I think that our season will show how we learned and came back from this loss.”, senior guard Sydney Little says.