The annual Pennstock celebration occured on May 25th and May 26th for ACP and AP US History students.

During Pennstock, students dress up in clothing from the era and travel back to the late nineteen sixties. As a final project, students chose from a variety of events including singing, reading their poetry, or designing posters to commemorate Woodstock from 1969. The posters the students made contained information from the sixties such as Anti-Vietnam War Protests, Pro-Vietnam War campaigns, calls to protect the environment, and the fashion worn from the time period.

Students looking for a different option got to be a historian and document what happened at the years’ celebration. Teachers and students alike enjoy Pennstock and it will continue to be a part of Penn High School’s tradition for many years to come.

By Kevin McNulty

Kevin McNulty teaches English and Mass Media Studies at Penn High School. He advises the Penn News Network and manages the PNN Studio and news room. For more information, navigate your browser to