On November 7th, 2018, Meadows Edge Elementary School took a field trip to Penn High school. The field trip is one that 5 out of 11 elementary schools in the PHM School Corporation participate in.

Mary Nicolini explains that this program was created back in 2014 by her friend Becky Hope who is an art teacher her at Penn High School. It started when they were asked to host a program for the 2nd graders from all elementary schools where they did art with Mrs. Hope’s students, then read and write with Mrs. Nicolinis’ students.

Although only five of the eleven elementary schools do the field trip, Stacy Miller told PNN, “I think the students were really excited to come today, they think the high school students are mentors and they look up to them and I feel like there’s a little more excitement here than we see in class.”

Not only are the 2nd graders excited for the field trip, but some of the high school students are too. Sophomore Paige Miller stated, “I think it’s pretty cool, I love working with little kids and teaching them stuff, I’ve always been interested in it.” Sophomore Marisa Cocquyt also adds, “I think it’s really amazing and cool to work with 2nd graders from different schools.”

These students have visited the Snite Museum of Art and have a sense of what they are learning but are still tough to teach. This field trip is not only a test on the 2nd graders knowledge and school work ethic, but is also a test of patience to every student of Mrs. Nicoloni.




By Kevin McNulty

Kevin McNulty teaches English and Mass Media Studies at Penn High School. He advises the Penn News Network and manages the PNN Studio and news room. For more information, navigate your browser to www.massmediastudies.net.