Day 2: Lost in Space

Today was quite the adventure! I went running by myself on a pedestrian path. It was deserted and I ran on for about a mile. On the way, I encountered deserted security booths and there were two men sitting on the porch; houses backed the path. I got spooked and ran back the way I came. On the way home, I saw a dog! At first, I though the dog was stray or loose and I freaked out! Then a man appeared and asked me where I’m from. He said that this path was very quiet and I shouldn’t run alone here. Talk about freaky! I hightailed it out of there faster than I’ve ever run. 

On the way home, we got lost. We couldn’t  figure out how to get home! We were lost in the city for 3 hours. It was raining and we got soaked! 

7/11 are everywhere here! It’s like a little snack store here. And they have slushy machines! But the flavored are weird. They serve melon slushies and weird flavors like that. More to come…