Penn’s Student-Athlete Leadership Council is conducting a Bottled-Water Drive for the students and staff of Benton Harbor High School. The Benton Harbor community water supply has been contaminated with levels of lead which have made the people of Benton Harbor in need of alternative water resources. Water is in short supply and many communities are coming together to support all families in Benton Harbor.

Penn Community with teachers and staff is bringing in cases of bottled water for the drive. When asked why this drive is so important, Mr. Rallo, a teacher stated “As long as we have the ability and resources we should help our neighbors, look out for each other it might come a time we would be in their position.” Giving people the help they need to benefit them and give them hope that there are others outside their community looking out for them. That they are not alone during this tough time.

With the winter season, it would have a devastating impact their way of living. As a community, we are giving our support and we will continue to help our neighbors get through this storm. “It’s something we know to do, and donating water bottles is something that will lift them up and that is all we can hope for,” said a group of volunteering Sophomores.