The Scholastic Art Awards is the largest and longest running competition for junior and high school students in our country.

Over the years, the competition has gotten more selective and more prestigious as the students work hard to be selected. There are three levels of awards: Gold Key, Silver Key, and Honorable Mention. The Gold Key winners will be sent to compete at the national level in New York City. Recognition at the national level will usually bring many scholarship offers as well as tremendous honors.

Artwork from all three levels will be hung for an impressive public exhibition in the Warner Gallery at the South Bend Museum of Art in the Century Center from January 30th to February 27th. The award presentation was held on February 7th, for the winners and their families, in the Bendix Theater.


Gold Key Winners of Penn:


Student Category Teacher
Deniz Arikan Photography A. Verzatt
Joseph Emery Sculpture B. McKenchnie
Jack Hollowell Photography B. Dunham
Bryce Holt Drawing B. Miller
Abby Jones * Photography B. Dunham
Bobbie Mammolenti * Photography B. Dunham
Michaela Palicki Photography B. Dunham
Courtney Seigel Photography B. Dunham
Ashley Szumski * Photography B. Dunham
Akane Tokusumi Drawing B. Miller
Breyanne Urbin Printmaking B. Miller
Austin White Digital B. Dunham


Silver Key Winners of Penn:


Student Category Teacher
Deniz Arikan Photography B. Dunham
Sid Clark Sculpture B. McKechnie
James Darr Sculpture B. Brown
Amerlia Frasier Photography B. Dunham
Isabella Gianesi Design A. Verzatt
Kira Goudy Drawing B. Miller
Mackenzie Griman Sculpture B. Hope
Miranda Hans Photography B. Dunham
Jack Hollowell * Photography B. Dunham
Matt Rzeszutko Printmaking B. Miller
Emily Latham Sculpture B. McKchnie
Courtney Seigel Digital B. Dunham
Eric Spaargaren Design A. Verzatt
Madeline Strintz * Photography B. Dunham
Sabrina Thayer Design A. Verzatt
Madason Whittaker Printmaking B. Miller
Kacey Wood Photography B. Dunham


Honorable Mention Students at Penn:


Student Category Teacher
Olivia Adam Design A. Verzatt
Mariah Anderson Mixed Media B. Miller
Mckenzie Blankenbaker Drawing B. Miller
Emma Daggy Mixed Media B. Miller
Sydney DeMeyer Sculpture B. McKechnie
Brianna Edgerly Photography B. Dunham
Payton Holland Sculpture B. McKchnie
Bryce Holt Printmaking B. Miller
Mic Hughes (Senior) Sculpture B. McKchnie
Emmi Meyer Design A. Verzatt
Lacey Milcherska Photography B. Dunham
Eliana Peterson Drawing B. Miller
Jason Reinoehl Drawing B. Miller
Emily Schultz Photography B. Dunham
Taylor Sharpe Photography B. Dunham
Leigha Sparrow Mixed Media B. Miller
Sabrina Thayer Design A. Verzatt
Akane Tokusumi Printmaking B. Miller
Noemi Toroczkai Printmaking B. Miller
Katie Turner * Photography/ Design A. Verzatt/ B. Dunham
Emily Wennerstrom Drawing B. Miller


* Student won multiple awards 

By Kevin McNulty

Kevin McNulty teaches English and Mass Media Studies at Penn High School. He advises the Penn News Network and manages the PNN Studio and news room. For more information, navigate your browser to