Skating Pros And Cons

James Schirf | PNN

Is skating dangerous? Well, if you wear the right protection, then you will be good to go, but you will most likely always fall off your skateboard.

You will get hurt, but once you learn how to fall you won’t get hurt as much. I would recommend you to try and skate, but if you don’t find it fun then that’s okay. A sophomore student, Brayden Hyink, has been skating his whole life. He said, “Skating takes time and creativity.” Be sure not to buy a skateboard under $60 because they are usually not efficient and have less than desirable quality. Remember, skateboarding is a fun activity but it does come with injuries. According to CBS, “Researchers examined data spanning two decades and found that more than 64,500 U.S. children and teens were treated in hospital emergency rooms each year — about 176 a day — for skateboarding-related injuries.”

You will need lots of skating shoes because personally, my shoes always have holes in them from skating. Some skating shoes I recommend are Nike SBs, Vans, Addidas, or Etnies. Picking the right shoes can enhance your skills immensely.

There is a lot of skill that’s required for skating, but you usually learn through trial and error. Some beginner tricks I recommend are an Ollie, Shuv-it, Pop Shuv-it, or Kickflip. It will probably be frustrating for a while, but if you put in the time and effort you’ll come out a great skater.