Teachers Retiring In 2021

The 2020-2021 school year was a new experience and there’s no doubt about it. To end off this school year many Penn teachers are retiring.

These teachers are….

Mr. Ball after 37 years of teaching

Ms. Bell after 23.5 years

Ms. Dunlap after 21.5 years

Ms. Garrett after 10 years at Penn

Mr. Gavin after 20 years

Ms. Gouker after 6 years at Penn

Mr. Grounds after 18 years at Penn

Ms. Loth after 23 years

Ms. Martin after 27 years

Mr. Pawlik after 23 years

Ms. Poling after 29 years at Penn

Mr. Reed after 34 years

Ms. Reitz after 27 years

Ms. Sharkey after 20 years

and Ms. Weaver-Watson after 3 years at Penn

All of these teachers have made such an impact on students and are going to be missed dearly. If you see them in the hallway then be sure to tell them how much their teaching meant to you and wish them a happy retirement. They have taught through one of the most challenging times for teachers and will be missed greatly.

Madisyn Renbarger | PNN