“The beauty of the IMC is that it serves all students. Fine Arts serve actors, musicians, and artists; our athletic facilities serve our athletes. But the library serves everybody” Caelea Armstrong, Penn’s media specialist. Penn’s interactive media center is at the center of the school building and is the heart of the school, however, some students do not know about the resources offered by the IMC. Just as Huston Horvath, a Penn junior states when asked how often they use the IMC “Not often, only if I have a pass or a teacher takes a class down” and Penn junior Keneth Steve II states “Not at all” when asked how often he uses the IMC.

The IMC offers many useful services to students. Penn senior Elijah Poorman states he uses the IMC for “Studying, missing assignments, and essays” and Penn senior Lillian Rydzinski and IMC student assistant states she uses the IMC for “study hall, I also like to get books”. Penn teacher Mr. Warner states he uses the IMC for “It’s just a better place to work, I would pick out a random assignment and work on that instead. I think that the IMC is a really great place for teams to work and groups to work. If you look around the IMC there are a lot of different places for kids to work, kind of like you got those chairs over there and the tables and those really nice computers over there” Students can use the IMC’s many resources to better their work experience and quality. The IMC offers resources like a catalog of different books, computers, printers, and other things to help students learn. The IMC is also a quite nice place to study and do work. Students can check out passes for their study hall to have a more comfortable work experience. The Kingsmen tutor program is also located in the IMC for any student who needs it during their study hall. 

However, the IMC has a few problems. It has not been renovated for a long time. Armstrong stated that “the library is in need of some refreshing it has been about three decades since the last remodel in here so it would just be nice to bring the library up to the standards of the rest of the school” With teal colored tables and broken globe lights the IMC could use some remodeling. The IMC is home to the lost and found and multiple classes without classrooms. Classes like the student-run literary magazine, AP painting, and the students in the Kingsmen Tutoring program. All in all the IMC is a great place in the school and houses many student needs. Everyone can use the IMC.