What Was Devious Licks And What Is The Aftermath?

On September 1st, 2021, a Tik Tok user posted a video of themselves showing a box of disposable masks that were claimed to be stolen. The caption underneath: “A month into school… devious lick”. Suddenly, a new trend had swept the internet: Devious Licks.

Started by user; Jugg4elias, the trend stayed on the social media platform until all videos under the Devious Lick name were deleted. The trend consisted of high school students stealing random objects from school, dramatically unveiling them from their backpacks. As the trend continued, the size of the items got bigger. Some have stolen soap dispensers, printers, ceiling tiles, exit signs, fire extinguishers, bathroom stall doors, sinks, and other big and small objects.

Because of Devious Licks, schools across the country are having hundreds of dollars stolen in supplies and equipment. To combat the trend schools have started shutting down restrooms and limiting the number of breaks for students.

PNN interviewed Mrs. Leader on her thoughts about the Devious Licks Trend. Here’s what she had to say: “I would sorta break this down into sorta, three areas of concern. The first concern is just that within the building, we want all of our students to understand that we want to have pride for the campus itself so when we see damage is being done in the restrooms, that’s one of those worries or those areas of concern that from that damage.”

In conclusion, the trend, Devious Licks, has died out with more than 10 students being fined and charged with a misdemeanor for vandalism. Hundreds of bathrooms have been temporarily shut down, and schools have lost hundreds of dollars in equipment. What started as a trend became a damaging expense to schools here and nationwide.