What’s New With Safety at Penn High School?

School shootings across the country over the past several years have affected the United States of America deeply. With the recent occurrence in Parkland, Florida, more schools across the nation have strengthen their focus on keeping students safe. Penn High School is no exception.

Leading up to the national walkout, which Penn Kingsmen participated in, Penn High School administrators decided to put new procedures in place to reduce the risk of an incident.

To ensure the new procedures were adopted schoolwide, Penn Principal Sean Galiher and Associate Principal Randy Williams created a video to inform students about current procedures and new changes in the name of safety and security.

Penn security staff will now be more strictly enforcing the ID policy. The ID is a vital way to insure that everyone entering the building is a part of this school. Mr. Williams added that, “this is one simple expectation that you can meet to show your support for ensuring that our school is safe. Please consider this a call to action. We are all in this together.”

In order to better understand the safety precautions taken to keep this high school safe, PNN reporter Lindsey Zimmerman interviewed Mike Seger, the Director of Safety and Student Services for the PHM School District. In this interview, Lindsey and Mr. Seger discussed what precautions the PHM school district is taking to keep its students safe.