All quotes are from Elijah Coker unless otherwise noted.

Twenty-two Penn senior athletes highlighted the annual signing day, held on the morning of February 7th. These seniors announced the college they were planning to play a sport for at that level and signed their letters of intent to play there, hence the name.

Some notable people involved were Mary Eubank (who will run cross-country and track at IU), Nolan McCullough (who will play football at Dayton), and Elijah Coker (who will play football at Indiana State). The full list of signees can be found at the Penn website,

How signing day works is that “[the students will] walk out, give [their] name, the school [they will be] attending, the sport [they]’re playing. [The students then] sit down, wait for everyone else to go, then [they] sign their letters of intent” (Coker 2024).

Although these students may have gotten scholarships due to their athletic abilities, those are not the only reasons they will attend college. PNN asked Elijah Coker, an aforementioned student, what else he was looking forward to besides athletics in college. He said he was most looking forward to “making new friends and starting new relationships with new people” (Coker 2024).

Mikan Gensic | PNN All 22 Penn students in signing day about to sign their letters of intent.