Teach, learn, and Inspire. This is the mantra of Girl Up Club, an international female empowerment club, that started at Penn High School in 2021. Frau Dix, one of the German teachers at Penn High school, advises the Penn chapter of the Girl Up Club and uses the club to motivate young women.

There are around 20 members, including 3 executives. During meetings, the executives take charge and lead, with the goal of Teaching, Learning, and Inspiring. A typical meeting begins with announcements and a lesson taught about women’s history, or inspiring women of our time. Then the rest of the meeting is spent working on a current project or poster making.

When asked, “Why is it important to have Girl Up at Penn?” Teacher Representative, Frau Dix responded, “I think that girls, specifically, need to be empowered not only by the club but by running and being a part of the club.”

You may be wondering, Is this club just for girls? “No. No, I mean, we don’t have any boys, but we wouldn’t reject anyone for anything.” According to Frau Dix, inclusivity and acceptance are important standards of the Girl Up club.

Additionally, learning leadership skills is essential to students, especially young women. Frau Dix says, “I feel like especially right now, kids throughout the pandemic have just had to follow. The teacher/parent has been in charge, and the kids have just had to follow, to make things easier. Now, as the pandemic is waning, it’s important for kids to realize they can be in charge, whether it’s a club, their own life, or things in their family that they need to take charge of.”

Girl Up Club is always looking to accept new members, and if you are interested in joining, all you have to do is show up to the next meeting. (Schedule provided on the graphic above.)

Reported on by Kelly Kubinski and Marie Roach.