It’s back to school season and an array of nostalgic sounds bring people back to the “best four years” of their lives – people laughing in the halls, furious typing in classrooms, and bank accounts hitting zero. 

Wait, what

As the educational landscape has evolved with us, so has its price tag. In recent years, the average American pays $28,775 for university, more than double the value of tuition costs in 1980 (National Center for Educational Statistics). Student aid like loans, grants, and scholarships have never been more important.

The Lilly Scholarship  provides Indiana residents the opportunity to have their full tuition, required fees, and textbook stipend all paid during their 4-year college career. The application is open to high school seniors and closes September 15, 2023. More information can be found on the Lilly Endowment organization website which can be found at this link.