Martin Luther King Jr. Day is more than just another holiday off of school. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. paved the way for greater social justice and equality all throughout the United States. He lead the Civil Rights Movement starting in 1954. But what I think is inspiring is that his accomplishments did not involve violence. How many wars had innocent people died in? Exactly. He dreamt of freedom, equality, and unity. He died for dreams that are still alive. His life shows society that you have to speak up in order for something to change.

“Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.”

– Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

This quote has been a personal favorite for some time. It reminds society that without the mental and emotional comprehension of negative ways then you will never fully comprehend a situation or event. If you understand it on a more deeper level than just the knowledge part of it then you would truly believe that change can be possible. And that’s how Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. changed the World. He understood the problem, sympathized with it, and changed how the rules were laid out. He showed America that you have to sometimes break the rules in order for the results to change.

Now, when you understand on a deeper level you start to want to know more. You start to educate yourself; whether that’s on social media, news articles, podcasts, etc. This is one way you can celebrate MLK Day, you can educate yourself. Another way is by posting to your active social media accounts. Let it be known, educate other people simply by making a post. Commemorate Dr. Martin Luther King however you’d like. He doesn’t only stand as a human but as proof that change is possible even when there seems to be more doubt than hope. Remember that anyone is capable of change, including you. All it starts with is a voice.