Penn invites the Social Science club to its inventory of clubs. The club is sponsored by Ms. VanGalder who also sponsored this club at Pierre Moran a few years ago before she started working at Penn. So when she did move here she brought the club with her.

If anyone is interested in exploring the fields of Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology, or Criminology this club is designed for you. Topics will be presented and discussed to give interested students a taste for these fields and the study of human life. For example, when you look at a career in psychology, people tend to think of the show Criminal Minds. When in reality, it is not dramatic or crime solving. This career only appears in court when called in as a witnesses or in a therapeutic settings.  This club gives students opportunities to see how the mind works in society and to better your own mind.

Isaak Prince | PNN Social Science club discussed the psychologic, sociologic, and anthropologic views of common disabilities in the world and throughout history during the 2/23/22 meeting.

The Social Science club meets in room 221, every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month after school, ending at 4:00. Ms. VanGalder, is very relaxed about club attendance because the club is mostly for fun. There are about ten participants in the club as of 1/28/22. If you want to join this club, please contact Ms. VanGalder at For further information, visit the link below.