TSA State Competition Results

Penn’s Technology Student Association visited Ball State University on Saturday, March 4th. Here are their results!

Daniel Nilov and Emily Duchine won their division, CAD Architecture. Alex Pippin was rewarded solo with a victory in CAD 3D Engineering. STEM Careers claimed Mia Schwartz and Emily Duchine as their winners. Elisabeth Casetti, Tara Devaraj, Courtney Sharpe, Michelle Kwok, Mia Schwartz, and Keegan Shoemaker all won Engineering Design in the competition.

All other events are “open entry,” which states that students can register to compete without having prior approval. Some entry winners will receive a cash prize of up to $1,000.

All winners will be approved to move onto Nationals, which are held in Orlando, Florida. Mr Hope shares his kingsman pride, “…Students did a great job at the state conference and were professional, polite, and competitive.”