Turkey Legs Results

Turkey Legs may be over, but the cause is still as noble as ever. The teachers who participated have done an amazing job, as this year concluded with a whopping total of $4,337.31 for Riley Children’s Hospital, much more than what was raised last year.

The teachers who collected the most amount of money: In the fifth spot, Mr. Starkweather with a total of $573.63. In fourth place, Mrs. Huckleberry with a total of $578.58. In third place, Mr. Berres with a total of $725.21, In the second spot Mr. Harper with a total of $742.24 and finally, Mr. Ball in first place for collecting the most amount of money with a total of $814.97.

To the teachers in the top five positions, congratulations! And to everyone who participated and donated money, thank you for supporting Turkey Legs!