Kevin McNulty | PNN Dumpling party! (2017)

There are many language clubs these days at Penn High School, and the Chinese club is one of them. There are many activities in this club, including the celebration of traditional Chinese holidays, like the Chinese New Year. This New Year, the students learned to make dumplings (and enjoyed the results of their labor!).

Kevin McNulty | PNN The Chinese classes and clubs on the streets of Chicago’s Chinatown. 2019

Toward the end of October, Chinese classes and clubs all went to Chicago’s Chinatown, going to a Chinese museum that holds the history of Chinese immigrants. At the trip, they ate and drank a lot of Chinese foods and learned a lot more about the culture.

Every year, the Chinese club hosts events at Schmucker and Discovery middle school. The members are in charge of planning all of the activities. This year the students decided on teaching middle school students how to make paper fortune cookies and lucky bracelets. They also taught calligraphy, Chinese traditional rope skipping, and a chopstick game. At the very end, everyone would participate in a traditional Chinese dragon dance.

Mrs. Tian, the Chinese teacher and club sponsor, said, “I’m very excited for next year. We have already started planning new activities for next year. All of the current members can’t wait to meet all the new members that will be joining our club.”

Kevin McNulty | PNN Sometimes the Chinese club will do some little sports activities, like ping pong battles.

This year went by so fast, there’s a lot of good memories, and the members are all looking forward towards next year. Can’t wait until 2019-2020.

By Kevin McNulty

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