It’s been a long school year, and our Penn orchestra organized their last concert of this year (2018-2019) on May 29, 2019. Every year the last concert of the orchestra is a pop concert, and the chambers, string, concert, and symphonic players played music together. String and concert orchestra students played together. Chamber and symphonic students played together. Mrs. Cetter and Mr. Coudret picked some of the music, and students picked the rest.

“Viva La Vida”, “Kingdom Dance”, “A Million Dreams”, and “Final Countdown” are the pieces that string and concert orchestras performed.

Symphonic and chamber students performed “The Best of Queen”, “An Armed Forces Tribute”, “This is Me”, and “Don’t Stop Believing'”

This year they performed at the Chris Wilson Pavilion. It was a no-ticket-all-free concert, and lots of people came.

Jeswin Chackochan, a sophomore in concert orchestra, said ” This is the last concert of the year. I liked all the songs that we performed. We all enjoy the process of playing in this concert and I’m looking forward to next year.”

Kevin McNulty | PNN Orchestra pop concert, 2019

By Kevin McNulty

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