What’s up with WHACK club?

Whack Club is a club where you can freely peruse interest in programming, computer sciences and gaming.

You can play various amounts of computer games an get started with coding

“We usually play Minecraft. We are currently in two groups. I believe they are building a house and making a nether tunnel, while the group that i am in, we are just building up our house and our farm.  “Just seeing that it was for people who love computers. It’s really just nice to come here and be around people who like to play games or like to do coding” said Rebecca Guillam, a freshman at Penn high school. In whack you can team with others to play games or to help with coding. You are surrounded by a ton of good people who share similar interest with you. No prior experience is needed to join whack.

We interviewed Dr. Duncan in room 258 more about computer sciences and the upcoming programming competition at IUSB. “We have a competition in programming coming up. Students from both computer science 1 and 2 are going to go to a competition at IUSB. We are sending two teams, one is going to program in python and C plus plus.”

There are many different ways of coding, some include; Python and C plus plus. One way of putting these coding techniques into play is by creating a character in a game. Whack is centered all around with interacting with the computer and learning how to communicate with your peers. Soon students will be going to IUSB, Indiana University South Bend, to participate in a programming competition.

If you plan on developing video games after high

school, this is a great way to get started. For more information visit Dr. Duncan at room 258 or look under the businesses classes in the schedule to sign up for computer science 1 or 2.