Ten students from  Penn High School have been chosen to be Merit Scholarship semifinalists. The students elected included Hala Ansari, Manaal Buchh, Marin Chester, Alexander Du, Salem Fitwi, Arthur Haines, Evan Nayee, Luca Nijim, Jeremiah Roach, and Matthew Zhang.

Around 16,000 high schools across the country have chosen semifinalists in the 67th national Merit scholarship program. 

These students have an opportunity to receive 1 out of the 7500 National Merit Scholarships. It is expected for 95 percent of the semifinalists to attain a finalist standing.

Each year about 21,000 schools provide the opportunity to participate in the National Merit Scholarship program. 
To qualify, Sophomores and juniors have to both take the PSAT to be entered into the program.
If you were scheduled to take the PSAT and were not there due to an illness or emergency, you will still have the chance to take it 

The NMSC is an independent, not-for-profit organization that operates without government assistance. NMSC conducts the National Merit Scholarship Program, an annual academic competition for recognition and college scholarships.

College Board National Recognition Programs invite people to apply for academic recognition. They invite African American Recognition, Hispanic Recognition, Indigenous Recognition, and Rural and Small Town Recognition.