The Penn Kingsmen Art Gallery is now open, featuring new artwork by artist Lee Goldman. The gallery displays student work, along with artwork from college students who were Penn graduates. Many of the paintings are pieces, collages, poetry, or handcrafted.

Lee Goldman is an artist that has her collage “In Search For Meaning” all over the gallery. Over 42 of her pieces have been drawn, painted, and even printed according to Ms. Milller, “Lee Goldman was a Holocaust survivor, she is a treasure and became well known nationally. She didn’t have an idea of what to paint in her collage, she let the paintings direct her.” Lee’s dream was to become an artist, so after she retired as a teacher, she went on to do solo pieces all over the world and large canvas.

“Every show is different, every artist is different it is always worthy of taking a look,” says Ms.Miller. Penn needs to see new paintings by artists and how they paint their pieces. It is worth taking a look to see professional pieces displayed like Ms.Goldman’s work.

It is open from now- October 29th. Students, teachers, and facilities can view during after-school hours from 3:30-4:30. There are two professional shows and one student show available for viewing.