On February 3rd, the South Bend Museum of Art opened an art exhibit for the Scholastic Art Awards winners. The South Bend Museum of Art has been participating in these awards for decades, along with many other counties of Indiana (Benton, Cass, Elkhart, Fulton, Jasper, Kosciusko, Lake, LaPorte, Marshall, Newton, Porter, Pulaski, St. Joseph, Stark, White; and MICHIGAN counties of Berrien, Cass and St. Joseph.) The Scholastic Art Award Program is an artistic organization that, according to www.southbendart.org/education/scholastics, “has sought to encourage, foster, and reward creativity in our nation’s classrooms and to confer recognition on emerging talent.”


The Award Ceremony for the winners was held on Sunday, February 5th along with their families. The 7th and 8th grade ceremony was at 1:30 PM, while the high school ceremony was at 2:30 PM. Over fifty-three awards were handed out that night to PHM district participants and forty-six of those were Penn High School students. The 2017 Scholastic Art exhibit at the Century Center is open until Saturday, March 11th. Be sure to take a look inside at your fellow classmates’ art pieces.


Congratulations to the following Penn students:



Mariah Anderson – Sculpture – B Loth

Gabby Dezenzo – Ceramics & Glass – B Brown

Clare Frederick – Photography – B Dunham

Kelsi Martin – Sculpture – B Loth

Kaitlyn Nicholls – Drawing & Illustration – B Miller

Kassidy Niziolek – Photography – B Dunham

Anna Noonan – Sculpture – B Loth

Sabrina Thayer – Drawing & Illustration

Jack Wheet – Sculpture – B Loth

Campbelle Williams – Sculpture – B Loth



Clare Frederick – Photography – B Dunham

Eric Fussell – –

Josh Haluska – Sculpture – B Loth

Kristy Hygema – Printmaking – B Miller

Lacey Milcherska – Photography – B Dunham

Kenna Musser – Drawing & Illustration – B Miller

Eliana Peterson – –

Anna Noonan – Art Portfolio – B Loth

Mikaela Schramski – Drawing & Illustration – B Miller

Emily Schultz – Photography – B Dunham

Jack Spalding – Sculpture – B Loth

Alyssa Torres – Drawing & Illustration – B Miller


Honorable Mention:

McCartney Amos-Smith – Drawing & Illustration – B Hope

Elizabeth Bevis – Sculpture – B Loth

Emily Carter – Sculpture – B Hope

Jadyn Chiu – Printmaking – B Miller

Kayla Ettline – Drawing & Illustration –

Kira Goudy – Editorial Cartoon –

Andrew Imber – Drawing & Illustration –

Moon Joy – Mixed Media –

Chloe Marshall – Drawing & Illustration-

Katie McCalment – Photography – B Dunham

Allison Kuc – Drawing and Illustration – B Hope

Destanie Nessen – Mixed Media – B Miller

Kaitlyn Nicholls – Drawing & Illustration –

Jennifer Riedel – Ceramics & Glass – B Brown

Gwyn Runeman – Drawing & Illustration – B Miller

Jack Spalding – Sculpture – B Loth

Taylor Sharpe – Photography – B Dunham

Morgan Swiatowy – –

Jack Wheet – Sculpture – B Loth

Rachel Wobbe – Photography – B Dunham

Harley Young-Fockler – Sculpture – B Loth

Tiara Zahner – –

By Kevin McNulty

Kevin McNulty teaches English and Mass Media Studies at Penn High School. He advises the Penn News Network and manages the PNN Studio and news room. For more information, navigate your browser to www.massmediastudies.net.