Lacrosse season is back in action for the last quarter of the 2023-2024 school year. They’re on quite a good start so far taking no losses thus far. PNN reporter Brandon Hall set out to interview one of the most dedicated players of the team, Kolin Harmon. Here’s what he had to say about weather impacts, hopes for the season, and inspirations to keep going.

There has been a lot of weather interference when it comes to track practices leaving a lot of them to be canceled. When asked if the same cancels should affect lacrosse Kolin states, “For us, thankfully we haven’t had that much chilly weather… but we’ve had at least one practice canceled from it but for us, we can just dress warm… the weather doesn’t affect us as much as like cross country.” Canceling multiple practices could eventually be an issue though. When asked about the issue of canceling multiple practices Kolin has said, “If it’s like one practice, no, but if it’s multiple then one hundred percent. It just gets us off our mojo and stuff so it’s a lot harder to get back into it after like a day or two of not practicing.”

Again, so far boys lacrosse has had a loss ratio of zero and Mr. Harmon believes it “feels better than last year. Last year we lost our first game but this year we’re confident.” With that kind of news, we’re sure to have a successful season of lacrosse because of Kolin and the rest of the team.