Child Development

abbi sink | PNN

Child development is a class here at Penn High School in room #132 taught by Ms. Wetzel. During class, students learn positive techniques on how to interact with, talk to, teach, and play with children.

During the first semester in 2018, the class had children come into the classroom and the students got to have a hands-on learning experience. The class helps students learn how to work well with kids, therefore, learning how to be a good parent. It helps with students creativity and motor skills which grow throughout the course. Students say that they like the hands-on learning more than textbook learning because in other classes you’re always studying from a book or worksheets, but in child development, you get to interact with kids and learn how to calm them down. It is a better approach to teaching because you are learning physical/social skills and what’s a better way to learn than getting to play with a kid yourself. Students say it is an easier, better way to learn about children’s emotion and how to deal with them, pregnancy, and different techniques on how to interact with the children.