There is a new type of virus that has come from China, this virus is called 2019-nCoV. It’s unclear how easily it spreads from person to person because the symptoms act the same as with a normal fever but it leads to the infected getting pneumonia. Now in China the new type of Coronavirus has killed 6 people and has infected more than 300.

There are more than 270 people and 15 medical staff infected. People believe that the origin of the plague was in the fish market at WuHan. The Conoravirus has spread to all of China like now Beijing and Xianghai have 54 infected persons. So will China react to the situation like in 2002 when SARS spread to southern China then the rest of the world?

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The Coronavirus came in the same time of the chinese new year so at least 100 million people per year. So now the WHO start the emergency meeting on Wed 22 Jan to discuss about announcing that the new type of Conoravirus as a World Health Emergency or not.

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Now the Coronavirus has come the the United States by a man in Washington.

He was seen at a clinic in Snohomish County and is now hospitalized at Providence Regional Medical Center-Everett. Specimens from the patient were sent to the C.D.C. in Atlanta, and officials confirmed on Monday that he was infected with the Wuhan coronavirus, also called 2019-nCoV.

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