Welcome back to entertainment Kingsmen! I’m glad you could join me today as we cover a few topics from video games, to movies, and music. To start things off, Mortal Kombat 1 is out now and is getting high praise for its innovative combat style and the way the game’s story is told. Guest characters will be releasing soon featuring DC’s Peacemaker, Invincible’s Omni-Man, and Homelander from The Boys, as well as real-life martial artist Jean Claude Van-Damme.

The official Kombat Pack 1 trailer can be seen here! https://youtu.be/eT-3vhCl6N4?si=sR4Jgvy24l4wkZUb

Switching over to music now Drake’s latest album release “For All The Dogs” has been delayed to October 6th as posted on Drake’s Instagram story. To make up for this delay he released a single from the album featuring himself and SZA that’s been getting quite popular with over 2.1 million streams already. I think it is safe to say that the hype for this album’s drop is out there.

Spooky season is coming up and with that, the latest entry in the Saw series has dropped its first trailer and clip that features the new “eye vacuum” trap. Saw X is bringing back Tobin Bell yet again for his iconic voice and role as Jigsaw. Saw X is expected to be released on September 29th of this year.

That’s it for entertainment this week Penn! See you next week. And back to Emerald and Harmony at the desk. Bye!