Esports Club Take Off

Josiah Penrose | PNN

The Esports club at Penn High School is starting to take off. After a few weeks of getting set up on, September 24 they are ready to start practicing. They are currently practicing CS:GO and Rainbow 6 Siege however there could be more games soon. A few of the ideas include Super Smash Brothers Ultimate, Fortnite, and Apex Legends among other games. If you want to join the Esports club talk to Dr. N. Duncan in room 258.

In an interview with Esports team member Joey Gasparino told us that Esports “is pretty much competitive video games” He also tells us that most Esports use team based games like Counter Strike any game can be sports but mostly they are these team based games.

The Esports team was started last year when student Christian Bickel thought it would be a good idea to start an Esports team at Penn upon Seeing that other schools like Penn are doing the same thing.