On September 23rd, 2023, our Penn girls’ golf team placed 7th at State, up six places from last season’s somewhat disappointing 13th-place finish. “We were undefeated for our whole season until State” – Jill Daniels ’24. Daniels claimed, in the interview:

“Yes, I am very satisfied [with how the team played].”

As for if Daniels was satisfied with her individual performance, she said:

“I’m very satisfied. I had a PR, and averaged low 80s my whole [] season.”

Delaney Wade ’24, along with Daniels, will be graduating this year, and thus the girls’ golf team will get to see new people rise to the top to majorly help the team. When asked if she was planning on playing golf after high school, she said:

“Yes, I do plan on playing [in] college. I don’t know where yet. but I will know soon.”

Mikan Gensic | PNN